Why hashtag?

Because it’s the 21st century, people!  A hashtag will allow you to organize your wedding photos on social media in a fun, accessible way.  And making the hashtag unique will guarantee that photos taken by you and your guests don’t get mixed up with a bunch of random weirdos.

What if our names stump you? 

Try us.  We dare you.  We’re professional writers so we think we’re up to the challenge.

What if I want another hashtag, either for the wedding or for some other related event, like a bachelorette party? 

Let’s be friends - email us and we’ll figure it out together.

Are you like, real people?

Heck yes we are!  We also do Bar Mitzvahs.

Can you help us plan our wedding?

While we’re amazing at organization and wordplay, sadly, the answer is no.  But feel free to invite us – we love cocktails and dancing!